Great Grand Master Isidro P. Javier

May 10th 1912 - August 18th 2010



"The 100 Year Walk"

On Hold Indefinitely


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Grand Master Frank Landers

10th Degree Black Belt

- Seishindo Kenpo -

- Successor of Javier Eskrima -


GM Landers, reveals the inner-workings of the Seishindo Kenpo System, and intorduces us to The Landers Family Fighting Art, a combation of Kenpo & Eskrima - The two Deadliest forms of Martial Arts!

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Kenpo Encyclopedia of Knowledge

A Teacher Guide


First Published - FACTA Publishing - 1985

This book covers all the terminology used in the Seishindo Kenpo System. Many of these tearms can be found in many different Kenpo related Styles. These terms are used to help the student associate standard words with action. GM Frank Landers has made the Encyclopedia Available as a FREE On-Line Read.


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The Internation Seishindo Kenpo Association

Official HandBook


First Published - FACTA Publishing - 1980

All the information needed for enrollment into the Seishindo Kenpo Association. Rules and By-Laws of the Association. The book is available as an On-Line Free Read.



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